London expanding ULEZ in 2023 and the mitigations needed for HGVs

May 24, 2022 /

From August 29th 2023 London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone will cover almost the entirety of the capital’s roads.

TfL launched a consultation about the air quality in London, evaluating that expanding the ULEZ to cover the existing Low Emission Zone. The move is planned to not only help reduce the amount of emissions but also the amount of congestion.

Impact on Logistics

While this is an important step, critics have said the plans for London expanding ULEZ in 2023 are being brought in too quickly for hauliers to adapt. The vast majority of London’s food, pharmaceuticals and essential goods are transported via lorries and this will only increase the costs to hauliers bringing items into London.

The logistics industry is fully committed to meeting the UK’s goal of having a cleaner and more efficient network, but recent challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic have slowed the supply of new vehicles that will meet these goals.

Meeting London’s needs

Until the new vehicles are available, the transport industry logistics firms and hauliers are recommending that TfL allow for exemptions for those who’ve ordered these vehicles, such as those being implemented in other towns and cities that have clean air zones.

This would both demonstrate hauliers commitment to helping Londoners breathe cleaner air as well as allowing financial leeway that haulage firms due to the delay in the introduction of new vehicles.

Getting your goods into cities with Low Emission Zones

We can only expect to see more ULEZ and LEZ in towns and cities across the UK in future and Supreme Freight can ensure that your shipments fully comply with all new legislation all the way through to the final mile.

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