Sri Lanka Ship Causes Environmental Disaster

June 28, 2021 /

A burning ship off the coast off Sri Lanka has leaked hazardous chemicals into the eco system, causing an environmental disaster. The ship in question, the X-Press Pearl, has been branded ‘the toxic ship’ by the BBC due to the devastating impact that the incident has caused.   Why is the Sri Lanka ship disaster…

Yantian Port Congestion

June 16, 2021 /

The recent Covid-19 outbreak in Guangdong Providence in Southern China has meant that the region’s main port, Yantian is acutely congested, and this blockage could be worse than the Suez Canal blockage in March earlier this year. Shipments have been delayed, and the fallout could take months to recover from, which means that there may…

Pick and Ship: Dropshipping

June 7, 2021 /

Online shopping sales have increased dramatically in the last year. The January sales in 2021 on the internet alone made up over a third of retail sales in the UK. This was an increase of 81% from the year before. With the eCommerce industry at peak demand how can pick and ship and drop shipping businesses keep…