Southampton Port remains open as normal

March 24, 2020 /

Southampton port has been classified as a vital site for the country in terms of supply chain, and there are no plans to cease operations, despite the crippling effects of the Covid-19 virus taking hold of the country. We’re working hard as ever from their homes to ensure critical medical supplies and other essentials can…

What does Freight Logistics Mean?

March 17, 2020 /

Freight logistics is the overseeing and management of a cost effective operation and the delivery of goods. It combines logistics experience, human resources and knowledge to ensure the smooth journey of goods between carriers and shippers. Freight logistic activities in their most basic form include: Making contact, selecting and engaging carriers and transport companies. Negotiating…

What is Air Freight Logistics?

March 10, 2020 /

Air freight logistics is the shipment of goods via a chartered or scheduled air carrier. Air freight is a popular choice for many companies as it ensures passage for their goods to anywhere in the world that an aircraft can fly to and land. Goods transported by air have the advantage of being taken to…