Ghana Outlook

Supreme Charity Work

We are proud sponsors of Ghana Outlook, a charity assisting real communities to enhance their future through education and self help programmes. We have recently supported them in getting some donated maths textbooks to Ghana free of charge.

The books will be going to a school in the community of Abordahi, near Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is a very deprived community where GO has spent time and effort in raising the aspiration of the community and its children. They have built three schools that cover the full age range of the children plus a teacher’s accommodation block, each with its own latrine and safe water supply.

The maths textbooks, which are mainly new ones donated by a local school will be very well received by the teachers at Abordahi. They have very little resources to work with and the books will be a valuable resource for the teachers.

If there is a charity that you think would benefit from our help please contact us we are always happy to help…