Chinese Golden Week 2022

September 29, 2022 /

This week sees Golden Week celebrations across the country - and as such services are disrupted.

The holiday is based on the Solar Calendar and will last for seven days from 01/10/2022 to 07/10/2022 returning to work Saturday 08/10/2022.

This will impact all movements in and out of China leading to fluctuations in supply chains.

It may be difficult for you to contact Chinese suppliers but we are still available for quotations and to arrange bookings when suppliers return.

As one of the world’s biggest and most important markets, China faces huge pressure on its logistical infrastructures to maintain a certain level of productivity and efficiency to keep the global supply chain oiled, running, and stable.

From factories and warehouses to ports and terminals - Chinese workers across all logistical sectors usually clock long hours all year round to ensure the upkeep of the supply network worldwide - so their October shut down is difficult in peak season.