Exporting to the EU

July 21, 2023 /

While the EU is one of the UK’s closest partners and has a large consumer market, exporting to EU countries in recent years have presented a number of unique challenges. We’ve tried to outline some of these that UK exporters will encounter in the following article.

Customs and Import Regulations: While every country has its own customs and import regulations that UK retailers will need to comply with, there will be specific regulations dependant on the goods you’re trying to export. Exporters need to be aware of import duties, taxes, customs documentation requirements, and any restrictions or prohibitions on certain goods. We understand these well and can able navigate these regulations, reducing the complexity and time-consuming nature that is often involved.

Tariffs and Trade Barriers: While the EU was designed to minimise this, since leaving the block the UK no longer enjoys many of these when it comes to selling goods back into the single market and tariffs are often imposed on imported goods which can significantly impact the cost of exporting to Europe. Using Supreme means that combination of your expertise along with our own will make handling the documentation much easier.

Logistics and Shipping Costs: Transporting goods to the European Union from the UK involves logistical challenges and exporters need to consider factors such as shipping methods, transit times and cargo insurance. We can ensure that all of these potential pitfalls are taken into account before the shipment is even loaded into a container.

Documentation and Paperwork: Part of our role is to have models that make the arduous process of filling in paperwork as straightforward as it can possibly be. Exporting requires extensive documentation and paperwork, getting these documents wrong will often lead to delays and the extra costs of penalties. We will scrutinise your paperwork and will be able to prompt you for anything that’s missing.

Exchange Rates and Payment Methods: Exporting goods will involve dealing with different currencies and exchange rates which can fluctuate and in turn impact the cost of the goods. We can advise on suitable payment methods and managing currency conversions effectively which is crucial to avoid unnecessary expenses or financial risks.

We’re here to help you. Even the most experienced exporter might not be aware of changes to requirements and any regulations that are brought in by the country they’re exporting to. We will be invaluable in making your shipment progress as smoothly as possible. Get in contact with us either by using our contact form or by speaking to one of our operators by calling 02380 337 778.